Get to Know the SDGs!

Excerpts from the November 2021 Newsletter

For this month’s feature, we would like to share a brief explanation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs have played a foundational role in the creation of Divineya Society, as we have drawn from their values and research to inform our constitution and mission as a Nonprofit Society.


People – Planet – Prosperity – Peace – Partnerships

Back in 2015, the United Nations member states adopted and still actively pursues the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This agenda includes targets for achieving a more just and equitable world, focusing on key areas such as eradication of poverty, environmental action and sustainable development of institutions, societies and cultures. At its core lies the Sustainable Development Goals, which provide a call to action for countries and people to take action in 17 crucial activism areas:


1. NO POVERTY – the eradication of poverty everywhere

2. ZERO HUNGER – increase food security, nutrition, sustainable agriculture

3. GOOD HEALTH AND WELLBEING – healthy lives and wellbeing for all

4. QUALITY EDUCATION – increase inclusive, equal and life-long learning

5. GENDER EQUALITY – empowerment and equity for women and girls

6. CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION – ensure safe and equitable access 

7. AFFORDABLE AND CLEAN ENERGY – access to safe, affordable, reliable and modern energy 

8. DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH – inclusive and sustainable economic growth and employment

9. INDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE – resilient and sustainable structures, encourage innovation 

10. REDUCED INEQUALITIES – lessen inequalities within and between countries

11. SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND COMMUNITIES – cities are safe, inclusive, resilient, sustainable 

12. RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION – sustainable consumption and production patterns

13. CLIMATE ACTION – urgent action combating climate change and its impacts

14. LIFE BELOW WATER – conserve and sustainably use oceans, seas and marine resources

15. LIFE ON LAND – manage forests, combat desertification, stop land degradation and biodiversity loss

16. PEACE, JUSTICE AND STRONG INSTITUTIONS – promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies

17. PARTNERSHIPS FOR THE GOALS – revitalize global partnerships for sustainable development


Turning Idealism into Tangible Action

The drive in pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals is that they will be achieved by 2030. Of course, looking at their lofty aims, such as ‘No Poverty’, it may seem idealistic. But, what we have to remember is that the UN is an organization that often relies on idealism and optimism, and though some of its creations can be unrealistic, they provide a framework that we can look up to and aim to reach for. 

The SDGs probably won’t be fully achieved by 2030. However, we have the power to make significant impacts on their target areas through our activism and engagement, and particularly our passion!



At Divineya Society we are currently focusing on SDG #5, Gender Equality. Most of our work revolves around the empowerment of women and increasing their access to resources and support which will reduce the inequalities or fundamental challenges they face. 


Our work is informed by and connected to many of the other Goals, and we are dedicated to engaging with as many as possible through our different projects and future social impact work. It is important to remember that these goals and targets don’t exist alone in a vacuum. If we want to create true sustainability and resiliency we have to find those connections and look at building communities holistically, through the many avenues of empowerment, change and justice.


While our focus is women’s empowerment, we also aim to reduce poverty, promote economic equality and employment, foster good health and wellbeing, and promote cross-nation partnerships, among many other things!