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Healing Through Creativity

Excerpts from the Autumn 2022 Newsletter In this issue, we explore the profound benefits of Art Therapy. This therapeutic technique encourages our women to express their thoughts and feelings through creativity, thereby improving their physical, mental and emotional well-being.  One of Divineya Society’s central goals has always been to provide employment and career opportunities for women in India …

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Doing Good for Our Planet

Excerpts from the June 2022 Newsletter — Our June newsletter features fantastic photos from one of the many events Wendy attended during her time in India. We are excited to share projects like these that work towards achieving sustainability! Divineya Society focuses primarily on projects related to women’s rights, gender equality, and economic autonomy. We …

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“The Soul of India Lives in its Rural Villages”

~ MAHATMA GANDHI Excerpts from the April 2022 Newsletter — It has been an exciting time for Divineya! Face-to-face encounters are essential for connection, and Wendy’s work on the ground has both enhanced our existing partnerships and enabled new ones.  Our April newsletter celebrates the closeness, collaboration, and sisterhood that have defined her time in …

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Atithi Devo Bhava

(The Guest Is God’s Own Reflection) Excerpts from the March 2022 Newsletter — “What a joy it is to be back travelling in India! The diverse landscapes, ancient and mystifying temples, mosques, monasteries and colourful festivals speak volumes about the rich heritage of the country. I am ecstatic about the scrumptious food that bursts with …

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Creating a Tapestry

Excerpts from the February 2022 Newsletter — Most of us who engage in international development work (whether directly on the ground or indirectly through support from abroad) carry the powerful belief that we are going to change the world. We witness the suffering, the inequality, the insecurity around us and follow that determination that tells …

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Women Helping Women

Excerpts from the December 2021 Newsletter — For this issue, we will continue to share in-depth details about the social issues facing the women of Sakhi Kunj and address the significance of a shared community space for our women to gather together and support each other. aa Introducing Rashmi aa aa Rashmi is from the Pauri …

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Get to Know the SDGs!

Excerpts from the November 2021 Newsletter — For this month’s feature, we would like to share a brief explanation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs have played a foundational role in the creation of Divineya Society, as we have drawn from their values and research to inform our constitution and mission as a …

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three women standing near wall

Solidarity, Self-awareness, Meaningful Change

Excerpts from the September 2021 Newsletter — Taya here. Before we share our own Divineya Society news, I wanted to take a moment to touch upon the situation in Afghanistan. — Afghanistan – in our thoughts Witnessing the decades of war and violence within the Afghanistan region is a heartbreaking experience. It drives home the …

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depth of field photo of diety god statuette

How Do You Feel About Arranged Marriage?

Excerpts from the August 2021 Newsletter — This month we’re sharing about one of our cherished Sakhi Kunj members, Tabbasum. Sakhi Kunj, our sister organization in India, creates opportunities for women so they can lift themselves out of poverty through learning skills to build their own livelihoods. We share Tabbasum’s story (with her permission) to …

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Is Humanitarian Aid Effective at Creating Change?

When we talk about providing international aid, we often talk in acute terms. We react to an immediate and obvious threat and find solutions to directly address that crisis. We witness those struggling with starvation and severe illness, so we respond with food aid and vaccines. When there is an ongoing crisis such as Covid …

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Meera in Prempuri Village

Accountability is Key!

The Covid-19 situation in India has inspired many of us to consider donating funds to aid organizations to help relieve this immense humanitarian crisis. However, when we donate we want to know that our funds are going to the most effective and beneficial cause, something that can be tricky to determine with so many different …

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COVID-19 Doctors Support in India

Responding to the Covid-19 Crisis in India

When we began planning our launch of Divineya this April, we intended to begin our first official fundraiser some time in the summer, giving ourselves a chance to establish our social media presence and engage with our community members before asking for donations. However, the universe clearly had other plans! As it happens, our launch …

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Why Women's Rights?

Why Women’s Rights?

Why Women’s Rights? It’s a simple answer. Gender is the most persistent predictor of poverty and powerlessness in our world today. Women are the powerhouses of developing countries: they produce most of the food, make up a third of the official labour force and care for families and homes. Yet they tend to have fewer …

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Redfort Family

Celebrating the Beginnings

Celebrating the beginnings of Divineya Society: Sisters of India Family connectedness is the heart of our organization. Twelve years ago we journeyed to India as a young family, sharing a life changing experience together. The impact this first adventure had on all four of us was profound, and changed the course of our lives forever. …

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Children of Dishlaad

Seeds of a Sisterhood

The Seeds of a Sisterhood When I was just 11 years old my family and I travelled to India to volunteer with a charity  that supported impoverished children and families living in slums by providing education and financial aid. Being the same age as many of the kids we worked with, I quickly befriended several …

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