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Divineya Society : Sisters of India

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Our aim is to help you understand more about what we do, how we work, and how our donations are implemented in practice. We remain open and transparent to ensure you are fully aware of what working with Divineya Society looks like.

Our mission at Divineya Society is to empower women, girls, and their families in rural India through education, employment, and sustainable living practices. We do this by providing support, resources and funding to local grassroots organizations, assisting them in implementing programs and projects that uplift and engage women, their families and communities. 

Divineya Society was founded by mother-daughter team, Wendy Davis and Taya Wall. After over a decade of volunteer experience and many trips to India, Wendy and Taya were determined to create an organization of their own. Read Our Story

Unlike many Western NGOs, Divineya Society strives to work closely with our Indian partners to ensure our work is culturally sensitive and focused on empowerment, rather than saviourism.

Our mother-daughter connection also gives us a unique in-road to and understanding of Indian culture, as it is a deeply revered relationship in India. We’ve been able to build trust and develop deeper relationships with community members through our shared bond.

We hope that our supporters feel encouraged and inspired to join us as we create a powerful sisterhood of change makers!

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We currently work with partners in the slums of Delhi, India and in the surrounding rural areas.  Divineya Society “HQ” (our home!) is based in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Contact us directly through our Contact Form, or email us at: hello@divineyasociety.ca

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  • If you are interested in volunteering your time with us, please send us a message for further details and information. hello@divineyasociety.ca
  • Divineya Society : Sisters of India

    How We Work

    Women are our focus and our expertise, but by no means are we excluding anyone – we want everyone to feel welcome at Divineya Society.

    Our values are centered around inclusion and equality, so although we are a sisterhood, our sisterhood includes any and all allies.

    We believe it is vitally important to include men and children within our framework, especially when it comes to facilitating education about women’s issues. Only with awareness can real change begin to happen.

    We aim to be fully transparent in how we allocate funds, and will be sharing our annual impact report at the end of each year. We would also like to underscore why it is important that Divineya Society is selective with our allocation of funds. Due to the cultural and power imbalances that still affect women in India today, we simply cannot “throw money” at the women we aim to support. The reality is that many of these women are still oppressed or controlled by the men within their households. It is these kinds of deeper and insidious structural problems that cause the marginalization of women, and we have to focus on changing the attitudes that lead to this first. Our work begins with the emancipation of women.
    Absolutely! Here are our current project goals – we’ll be updating these as our work progresses:
  • Funding a Community Centre in Delhi for the women of Sakhi Kunj to gather and host vocational training programs and community empowerment events
  • Sponsoring vocational and skills training, such as traditional handicrafts, textiles and art
  • Establishing a volunteer program focused on Cultural Exchange
  • Running programs in rural villages for women and their families, such as health, yoga, and sustainable landcare practices
  • Funding for a shop space to sell handicrafts made by women, which will simultaneously provide them with employment
  • Yes! Please email us at: hello@divineyasociety.ca – we’ll provide you with a current wish list of items in need.

    Yes! Thank you for your interest and support! Please contact us before you begin organizing your fundraising event so we can get to know you and give you more information. We can provide you with simple fundraising ideas, as well as marketing materials. Monies raised can be paid directly to Divineya Society via our donation page

    Divineya Society : Sisters of India


    We are always looking for opportunities to grow our community and get the word out about Divineya Society. If you’re interested in connecting with us through your business, please send us an email so we can discuss ways you can support our vision.

    Awesome! Please email us with the following information:

    • Name of contact/s
    • Media organization
    • Media source
    • Expected publication date

    Our current partner at this time is Sakhi Kunj. You can read more about their work on Our Partners page.

    Due to the pandemic, we’ve been unable to travel to India to seek out new partnerships with other organizations, but look forward to doing so as soon as we can!

    We support small, grassroots organizations that seek to better their communities and support the underprivileged.

    We look for partners who have informed, well-created and inspirational ideas, using values from the UN sustainable development goals. sdgs.un.org/goals

    Our purpose is to provide support to these partners, encouraging and uplifting their ideas, goals and values.

    Rather than establish our own on-the-ground organization, we aim to provide access to funding, resources, education and information for projects that are already organized.

    Do you have any other questions?

    If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll do our best to answer anything you want to ask about Divineya Society.