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Divineya Society is honoured to partner with our sister organizations in India

Our work at Divineya Society would not be possible without our inspiring partners. Every alliance we form is carefully considered. We aim to operate in a supportive capacity – one that works alongside our Indian partners rather than separate from them.

By joining hands with organizations that share our core vision - to empower women, girls, their families and communities - we can provide ethically responsible support while honoring India’s cultural value system. In all the work we do, we move forward with open hearts and minds. We are always ready to learn more, with the understanding that we are a small part of a much greater collective.

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Supporting Women

Sakhi Kunj

We’ve partnered with Sakhi Kunj to create a safe space for women to gather, work, learn skills, and support each other.

Based in underprivileged neighbourhoods of Delhi and surrounding rural villages, Sakhi Kunj provides local women skills-based training in handicrafts and art, which helps them support and maintain their livelihoods.

Sakhi Kunj Women
Meera Arya Founder of Sakhi Kunj

Meet the Founder of Sakhi Kunj

Meera Arya

We first met Meera through our connection to Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram. She has opened her home and heart to us many times during our various trips to India.

Meera’s deep love and care for the women, girls, mothers, and community members around her is what inspired us to take action and start Divineya Society.

Shared values; shared spirit

Watching Meera elegantly balance her many roles in her career – as a mother, community member, and founder of an NGO – has been truly awe-inspiring.

Her ideas and dreams for her community, all of whom she sees as family, deserve to be realized. Divineya Society is dedicated to helping Meera reach her goals.

Wendy & Women of India
Handmade Jewelry
Woman Sewing by Hand


Strength, Love & Empowerment

Meera has provided an example and a foundation that we can build upon together – combining our ideas to form the sisterhood that connects us. This is the purpose of Divineya Society: to uplift one another and find strength, love, and empowerment through the bond of sisterhood and community.

As our first partner, Meera embodies the spirit of our organization, and without her, Divineya Society would not be what it is today.

To learn more about Sakhi Kunj and the work they do click the learn more button below.