Accountability is Key!

The Covid-19 situation in India has inspired many of us to consider donating funds to aid organizations to help relieve this immense humanitarian crisis. However, when we donate we want to know that our funds are going to the most effective and beneficial cause, something that can be tricky to determine with so many different options and organizations. It is tremendously important for non profit organizations to show their accountability to their donors and community, because when we donate to international aid networks, we want to know that our donation is actually being used for what we intend. This issue is one of the reasons why we at Divineya Society value grassroots and local organizing, establishing networks on the ground in India to directly access the people who need the most help. We strive to report back to our community as quickly and as comprehensively as possible! 

Meera delivering supplies in Prempuri village

The money received by Divineya Society for our Urgent Covid Aid Response for India fundraiser is fast-tracked to where it is needed most; to assist underprivileged families affected by the pandemic with food, medications, supplies and support.

There are no administration costs.

Local knowledge, global effects. 100% of funds donated to the Urgent Covid-19 Aid Response for India fundraiser go directly to the cause. Our partner on the ground, Meera Arya and her team of women are volunteering many hours, working with individuals, providing aid and support neighbourhood by neighbourhood to save lives. This engagement with regular local people will establish a strong support system that can help the entire community to recover, building a lasting network that brings people together for collective security, hope and empowerment.

One concerning problem with getting Covid relief aid into India effectively is that certain legislation regulating NGOs in India is creating barriers for releasing funding and aid from international sources. This is mainly a problem for larger institutionalized aid networks, meaning the donations they receive are not able to be utilized efficiently. This is why we focus on grassroots advocacy!

Better use of funding. Grassroots organizations such as Divineya Society work directly with community members to make sure that their needs are met. We have a direct connection with our Indian team members, creating a strong line of communication that informs us of exactly what the situation is, and where to place our priorities. Through our partner Meera Arya and her team of Sakhi Kunj women, we receive daily updates on the condition of their sick family members, neighbours and close-knit community members. These women personally witness the suffering of those around them, which means they have a profound understanding of the needs and specific assistance required to support each other. This allows us at Divineya to direct our funding and aid to critical areas and provide the most beneficial resources to the families. Because we are small and local, we have no extra overhead costs, meaning that every cent we receive from your kind donations goes directly to Covid relief assistance for these women. 

Empower local people. These connections with our local members are effective, not only for the beneficial allocation of funds, but also for empowerment. Through our support and funding, these incredible women are more able to make differences in their communities. They have the tools and the ability to personally help their families and friends, to support one another and to provide aid to those most desperately in need. These actions are exceptionally transformational for our women, who become inspired to action and have opportunities for personal growth and autonomy. Being in the position to give to others and share their love and kindness is particularly empowering and fosters lasting change within these communities. Women are able to take control of their lives, and rather than feeling powerless against the effects of Covid they instead feel accomplished and proud to have played significant roles in supporting each other.