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Empowering women through positive change, equal opportunities, and the bonds of sisterhood.

Our Mission

To inspire hope and create opportunities for underprivileged women in India by supporting local grassroots initiatives focused on education, employment, and sustainability within rural communities.

Divineya Society

Our Values

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Community Development

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Female Empowerment

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Equal Opportunity

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At Divineya Society, we are...

Celebrating Community & Sustainability

At the heart of everything we do is community. A sisterhood. By providing guidance towards more sustainable living practices, our work aims to strengthen and support future generations.

Empowering Lives

Through education, employment, wellness, and yogic principles, we provide opportunities for women to boost self-esteem, realize their potential, and heal from trauma.

Strengthening Bonds

By developing close personal relationships with our Indian partners, coworkers, women clients, and their families, we are creating stronger alliances against poverty and inequality.

Your support allows us to provide women and girls in India…

Skill-based Training
Skills-based Training

In handicrafts and art. Sales of these handcrafted items will support our women makers by helping them maintain their livelihoods. DIVINEYA SOCIETY SHOP COMING SOON.

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Sponsorships for Vocational Training

Including workshops and seminars to educate women on the issues affecting them, including:

  • Health and hygiene
  • Reproductive health and lifestyle skills
  • Women’s rights
  • Leadership and empowerment
  • Environmentally friendly living
Equal Opportunity
Equal Opportunity

Through access to employment, financial assistance, healthcare, and education. We believe every woman and girl deserves the right to live a full, healthy, equitable life.

Therapeutic Yoga Practice
Therapeutic Yoga Instruction

Through the practice of therapeutic yoga:

  • Encourage self-esteem and wellness
  • Heal from trauma and emotional stress
  • Alleviate mental health issues such as anxiety and depression

Divineya Society: Sisters of India

Our Story

Divineya Society was founded upon our mother-daughter passion to create positive change in the world, and inspired by our international volunteering experiences.

Wendy & Taya

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