Divineya Society
Sisters of India

Empowering women through positive change, equal opportunities, and the bonds of sisterhood.

Welcome to Divineya Society, your destination for quality, handmade, and sustainable clothing and textiles. Explore our shop now and support our mission of ethical fashion and empowerment for women. With Divineya, every purchase makes a positive impact!

Divineya Society

Our Values

Community Development

Female Empowerment

Equal Opportunity

Stronger Partnerships


Ethical Fair Trade

Our commitment to fair trade and ethical sourcing means you can shop with confidence, knowing that our products are not mass-produced; they're individually made by skilled artisans, making each piece unique.

Traditional Materials

From the high-quality organic cotton and natural indigo dyes we use to our sourcing of upcycled sari fabrics and traditional block printing patterns, our focus is on providing you with clothing that's as good for the planet as it is for you.

Family and Sisterhood

Our Founding Story

Divineya Society was founded upon our mother-daughter connection and shared passion to create positive change in the world, and inspired by our international volunteering experiences.

Divineya Society: Sisters of India

Journey of a Non-Profit

Our sisterhood is built upon the close friendships to our valued partners in India. Through dedication and determination we are achieving our collective vision of empowerment for women.