Divineya Society

Our Story

A Mother-daughter

Dream Made Real

We are mother-daughter founders, Taya Wall and Wendy Davis.

We’re dedicated to instilling empowerment and change through our international humanitarian work. The dream of starting our own organization grew over time, through our shared vision and our deep, heartfelt connection to India and to each other.

After over a decade of volunteering together - experiences filled with profound (un)learnings, laughter, tears, joy, and gratitude - Divineya Society was born.

Taya & Wendy


Means: celebrating the graceful and wise spiritual force that connects us all.

Davis Family India

It all began with...


*Pranamasana is known as the prayer or salutation pose in yoga

Yoga has always brought our family together. Through this practice, we became fascinated by India – its history, social issues, and yogic philosophy. 

Inspired by this captivating country, we volunteered with a local charitable organization operating in India, which educated street children and helped support their families.

Our eyes were opened...

Our Hearts Forever Changed

In 2009, we travelled to India as a family to volunteer with the children in person, teaching them English and life skills, befriending them, and becoming a part of their community. This unique experience profoundly impacted us all – particularly Taya.

As a child herself, she was struck by the vast differences between her upbringing and that of her new friends. It was this first and world-turning experience that birthed a determination in Taya’s young heart: a determination to make a difference.

We left India with a profoundly new understanding of our privilege. We knew we held some power to change the lives of those less fortunate.

Two different worlds, and...

A Startling Realization

Over the years, we made several trips to India to volunteer with various NGOs and charities. While there, we witnessed the significant differences in the life outcomes of Taya’s friends – particularly the girls – compared to our own. These young girls were still being forced into early arranged marriages, with little opportunity for future careers, employment or higher education.

As a young teen, coming to this realization left Taya feeling distraught that there wasn’t more she could do to help. The relative ineffectiveness of many Western NGO approaches – especially those that failed to effectively support women and girls – became glaringly apparent.

Children of India

Our experience has shaped who we are as women

Ten years of international volunteering experience has deeply contributed to who we are today.


I have a BA in International Human Rights Law and Humanitarian Aid Ethics, with a minor in Political Philosophy. I also have a certificate in Sustainable Community Development. I am a certified Akhanda Yoga instructor, where I combine traditional yogic techniques with philosophical education.


I continue my work with various humanitarian organizations in India, visiting rural communities and conducting needs assessments, including the research and development required for the beginnings of Divineya. I have been studying yoga for 15 years, becoming an internationally certified teacher of Therapeutic Yoga, specializing in psychology and trauma informed practices.

Our Bond

Is Our Strength

In India, family closeness and connection is celebrated. Our mother-daughter relationship has given us a unique in-road to local communities through the trust we have been able to foster. Working together within these communities has not only brought us closer to the women and families we hope to empower, but it has also deepened our connection with each other.

Fuelled by our shared passion to give back, and determined to use all of our experience and knowledge to create our own organization, we embarked on the vision that began when we first stepped foot in India.

And so Divineya Society, ‘Sisters of India’ was founded.

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Thank you

Your kind contribution gives women, girls and their families a chance to build a better future. Without you, The Divineya Society would not be able to do the life-empowering work it does.

Even if you are unable to make a donation today, we appreciate you supporting our efforts by sharing our story with others. We are overjoyed to welcome you to the sisterhood.

Love & blessings,
Wendy + Taya