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Our Mission

To inspire hope and create opportunities for underprivileged women in India by supporting local grassroots initiatives focused on education, employment, and sustainability within local communities.

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Supporting Women

Social Enterprise

At Divineya Society, we believe in the power of women and the transformative potential of skill development. To advance our shared vision, we have built a social enterprise in collaboration with our sister organization in India, Sakhi Kunj.

This textile-based social enterprise is Divineya's main project. Through our partnership with Sakhi Kunj we provide a platform for remarkable women to harness their talents and unleash their creativity. By honing their skills in sewing, art, and design, we equip them with the tools they need to break free from the cycle of poverty and create a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Your support allows us to provide…

Skill-based Training
Employment Opportunities

In the creation of traditional handicrafts and art. Sales of these handcrafted items will support our women makers with equitable and fair wages, helping them provide for their families and secure personal agency.

Indian Woman Working
Workshops and Vocational Training

Hosting women-centred workshops and seminars for job skills, personal development, educational opportunities and health and wellness information.

Equal Opportunity
Equality and Empowerment

Through access to employment, financial assistance, healthcare, and education. We believe every woman and girl deserves the right to live a full, healthy, free and equitable life.

Community-Focused Development

By using an equity and inclusivity-based approach to project development and research, we involve our members in every step of the process and inform our goals and actions through collaborative methods.

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At Divineya Society, we are...

Celebrating Sustainability

Our incorporation of upcycled and repurposed materials in our products provides guidance towards more sustainable living practices in both India and Canada. The talented creators feel good about what they make, and our supporters feel good about what they're buying!

Empowering Lives

Through our skills training programs, we cultivate an environment of learning and empowerment, where every woman has the opportunity to reach her full potential. Our products are tailored to feature the talent and creativity expressed by our community members, and every design is carefully created in collaboration with these artists.

Strengthening Bonds

By developing close personal relationships with our Indian partners, coworkers, female clients, and their families, we are creating stronger alliances against poverty and inequality.


Sakhi Kunj

Our sister organization in India is a women's empowerment collective called Sakhi Kunj. We’ve partnered with them to create a safe space for women to gather, work, learn skills, and support each other.

Based in underprivileged neighbourhoods of Delhi and surrounding rural villages, Sakhi Kunj provides local women skills-based training in tradtional handicrafts and textiles, providing employment and empowerment to these women, their families and communities.

By joining hands with an organization that shares our core vision - to empower women, girls, their families and communities - we can provide ethically responsible support while honouring India’s cultural value system. In all the work we do, we move forward with open hearts and minds. We are always ready to learn more, with the understanding that we are a small part of a much greater collective.

Meera Arya Founder of Sakhi Kunj

Meet the Founder of Sakhi Kunj

Meera Arya

As our dear friend and business partner, Meera exemplifies the spirit of women's empowerment with her dedication and determination. Her vision for uplifting her community and her deep love and care for the women, girls, mothers, and community members around her is what inspired us to take action and lay the foundations of Divineya Society.

Shared values; shared spirit

Watching Meera elegantly balance her many roles in her career – as a mother, community member, and founder of an NGO – has been truly awe-inspiring.

It is her passion and wealth of creativity that has kindled our foray into a shared social enterprise, and we are dedicated to realizing Meera's ideas and dreams for her community.


Strength, Love & Empowerment

Meera has provided an example and a foundation that we can build upon together – combining our ideas to form the sisterhood that connects us. This is the purpose of Divineya Society: to uplift one another and find strength, love, and empowerment through the bond of sisterhood and community.

As our committed partner, Meera embodies the spirit of our organization, and without her, Divineya Society would not be what it is today.