Celebrating the Beginnings

Celebrating the beginnings of Divineya Society: Sisters of India

Family connectedness is the heart of our organization. Twelve years ago we journeyed to India as a young family, sharing a life changing experience together. The impact this first adventure had on all four of us was profound, and changed the course of our lives forever. With our eyes and hearts opened, we were inspired to create change and empowerment through many future endeavours in international humanitarian work.

These experiences as a family sowed the seeds in our hearts that grew into what Divineya is today. This would never have been possible without the love, dedication, support and inspiration from Perry and Halle Wall, for whom we are forever grateful.

We also owe a HUGE thank you to our first anonymous donor whose thoughtful and generous gift assisted in funding our startup costs. We appreciate you!

To our cherished Akhanda Yoga family from Anand Prakash Ashram in Tapovan Rishikesh: we are grateful for the spiritual growth and strength we receive from such a loving and supportive community, and appreciate the invaluable opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with Helping Hands for India.

Akhanda Yoga

Helping Hands For India

Without the help of professional businesses we would still be struggling to get our feet off the ground! Here’s a shout out to these amazing female entrepreneurs:

Nancy Jackson of Nancy J Design |  Nancy for the stunning custom designed logos and visual brand strategy.

Echo + Scribe | Robyn LeRoy Evans of Echo + Scribe for her professional yet heart centred approach with transforming our brand into strategically organized words.

Identity Graphics Services | Tia Wishart of Identity Graphics for her creative and technical expertise in website development and design.

We live with our feet in two worlds, one here in Canada and the other in India. With the creation of Divineya Society we seek to bridge that gap and celebrate the common values that we cherish from both cultures, those of love and connectedness.

Welcome to the Sisterhood.

Taya + Wendy